Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Be Tulum - Mexico

3 years ago this January i was in Tulum mexico!
Now thats not exactly close for us Australians, but i have to say i absolutely LOVED Mexico & it was worth the distance! We spent 4 days on Isla Mujeres & 1 week in Tulum.

Tulum is a real 'eco' area with alot of places having no electricity & showers being salt water! Think white sand, palm trees, aqua blue water, turtles swimming past & $2 margaritas on the beach! We stayed at 'Zulum' and made friends with some guys from San Francisco who we are still in contact with & spent a few days (along with bens parents) staying with them in San franciso last Christmas! Dont you love travelling & some of the amazing people you meet!

Anyway....I have just come across this place - BE TULUM...WOW....i can tell you now when we go back, this is where you'll find me! This first image is my new screen saver - just looking at it is giving me the fuzzies - perfect location & amazing design! I must go here!


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