Friday, December 24, 2010

A Tiffany Holiday

Ah yes, i admit, i am a Tiffany tragic. There is nothing quite as romantic as a little blue box on a special occasion! Tiffany have the most beautiful holiday advertising too! So i thought id share a bit of it & some decorating ideas for the holidays inspired by the famous little blue box!!
Im off to finish my last bits of shopping & grab some special things for dinner tonight. My other half is a policeman & has to work all day tomorrow, so we are making a nice dinner & hanging out at home together tonight & watching the carols...have a gorgeous xmas everyone xx

Images above via Elle Decor
I LOVE this xmas dico ball!

Martha Stewart

And some Hannulak Decorating too!

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  1. Tell your son and dil that they are sooooo lucky to have such a creative person in their midst. You're amazing. DemirLeather



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