Monday, December 6, 2010

The Surf Lodge

How freaking cool is this place?! 
Looks like what id build if i was to create a hotel!
(east hampton new york)

Using these fishing baskets sewn together as a cover is such a great idea! Ive seen them as pendant lights but not like this!

Only disappointment is that it gets terrible reviews as a place to stay on trip advisor...lets just say it seems that it looks great & thats about it ;)


  1. I agree, looks gorgeous! And who wouldn't want to holiday in Montauk - the place is heavenly! However not a great spot for a surf lodge as it's on the pond, not the ocean...

    As for the reviews - the place does seem a little too edgy-casual for the typical Montauk clientele - maybe it's not really that bad??

  2. Oh Sal .. you have made me desperately, desperately wish I was holidaying somewhere warm and relaxing and beautiful. My heartrate would drop dramatically if I went there (regardless of reviews). Please, find some more cool places for me to drool over OK



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