Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa....

Dear Santa....
if your running late with your xmas shopping here are some hints ;)
My staple stud earring from witchery (wear these studs everyday!) in my fav colour!

This beautiful print by artist Geninne availale on Etsy

Missoni Giocomo #59 towels from Top 3 by Design

Octopus ring from Mimco (on sale too!)   

or this Mimco High Seas necklace also on sale!

2 of these gorgeous cushions from Be Still
(even though im aparently banned from buying cushions)

some camping gear for our yearly trip!

& if you rob a bank.....
A waterproof panasonic lumix camera

An i pad would be lovely!

as would a tiffany yellow diamond!
(oh god who am i kidding!)

oh & the pony ive been waiting for 28 years for!


  1. Gorgeous List! I love the Witchery earrings! They would go perfectly with a Tiffany yellow diamond!

  2. LOVE the list Sal. Hope Santa is on the ball and is reading your blog (-:

  3. i may have left this post open on the computer srceen when i left for work this morning lol...although i think 'santa' might be too hung over today to notice ;)

  4. So many gorgeous things! I love those yellow diamonds and we have the lumix camera,(although not the latest model) definately recommend it xx



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