Thursday, December 9, 2010


Just went out to buy sushi for lunch & came back with this...ummm...kinda expensive Camilla dress.... in a slightly different style....I NEVER impulse buy - not even a $20 dress!
Lets just say the sales girl in Camilla is good at her job!
Oh well...merry xmas to me!...and morgage & groceries might have to wait for the rest of the month...oh yeah...and all those xmas presents im supposed to be buying OTHER people!


  1. HOT!!!

    You're lucky I don't live close by as I would be raiding your closet for this beauty (an as you know I don't even do maxi!)... love it! x

  2. Love it!
    Stunning and anyway when you are pleading with the bank manager to give you 1 month off paying you will look skinny(starving) and hot all at the same time...
    Every girl needs a dress that will look divine at every occasion....and I think you found it.

  3. Wow, gorgeous dress! Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself with those big impulse buys... groceries are boring to buy anyway!
    And yes I think it's a great idea to have a christmas party together next yr... bring on 2011 and lots of business success for us both :)

  4. Did you get your sushi too? :) Sometimes you just have to do it, otherwise you would have kept thinking about the dress! xx

  5. Although Christmas is a time of giving...that doesnt mean we should exclude deserve a treat lovely..enjoy your little ( or big) purchase..its nice to treat ourselves now and then. :) x



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