Friday, November 5, 2010

Introducing Mr Stripey!...(My zebra rug...)

You might remember a few weeks ago i puchased this zebra (on cow hide!) on ebay (from this store if you want one!

Well it arrived yesterday (took 2.5 weeks to arrive from Miami to Sydney) and was only $230 USD...oh & that means also only $230 AUD! Woohoo for the US dollar! he is! Mr Stripey at my joint!
hmmm looking very black & white in here...
might need some new cushions now!

ooohh ariel shot! Yes i stood ontop of the lounge to take this!

Meanwhile, the old rug, this cool freedom galaxy silk look shag rug now needs a new home of its own & i have listed it on ebay - love the cycle of ebay & i think its great to pass on your old stuff rather than chuck it (what a waste!) Anyone in sydney in the market for a stylish rug check it out! Its only 1 year old & still in freedom for $600 & ive listed it for $170

Oh & one more cool thing to finish off the week!
One of my readers Lisa sent me a picture of this inspiration board she's mader herself all with pictures from Once Daily Chic! How cool is that! Its exactly why i started this blog so its made my day....maybe even week! Here is is!


  1. Oooh looks great and gives the room that extra something... I love it much more than the old rug! :) x P.S Does it still smell 'funny'? tee hee

  2. Mr Zebra looks right at home he is one of the family..awesome bargain buy:) Have a fab weekend lovely x

  3. That looks so great Sal, definately the right choice!

  4. Niiiice Sal!!!!!! Your house is a bit special!
    PS Both our (enormous) cowhides are from ebay. Big love.



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