Monday, November 1, 2010

Real living magazine inspiration

I love the look of this whole room - especially the timber stools that cluster together to make a coffee table! I have seen them around the place but now cant pinpoint where ive seen them - does anyone know? I recall they might be from MRD home perhaps? This home also had a fantastic outdoor shower with simple timber logs as stools for soap & a little buddha statue - love it! If i can track that down ill post it! The way they have painted the paling fence to tie in with the interior colour scheme works so well too doesnt it!

Image: Real Living Magazine


  1. I liked this house too when I saw it in Real Living - stylish but still very do-able. I know Matt Blatt have replica timber stools like these if that's a help? K xx

  2. Gorgeous - I love the way the fence blends in with the interior too.

  3. Think I have seen the stools at Design Within Reach.

  4. Hi Sal. I loved this house too .. it had a lovely wall treatment behind the dining table didn't it .. perhaps a mirror? A lovely, stylish colour scheme.

    Oh, how'd the root canal go ?? Yikes, that makes me queezy just typing those 2 words!!!

  5. I really like your site. Will keep checking back here. Paling Fence



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