Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Block - Who will win?!

 'The Block' finishes tonight! I have been loving this show!
 In terms of the renovations, i think they have all done a great job but Jake & Erin probably do have that wow factor - but only if you like black & white! Shame about their cheating! Have to say im a little disspointed that the Sydney Morning Heald decided to publish an article today telling us some info about tonights episode that would have been nicer to see for ourselves!!

The other (non surprise ruining ) info in the article was ;
In early marketing, potential buyers were advised the apartments would fetch more than $900,000. The invitation-only auction was held under tight security at Vaucluse House.
Channel Nine's New South Head Road block was bought for $3.4 million with vendor finance this year, with $160,000 in stamp duty. It underwent a quick update before the contestants had 52 days and $80,000 to renovate their apartments. John and Neisha in apartment one spent $95,000. Mark and Duncan, the two tradies in apartment two, spent $90,000. Erin and Jake spent $94,853 in apartment three, which has the block's highest strata fee. Cheryl and Brenton in apartment four spent $89,974. Another $100,000 was spent on improving common areas. The Vaucluse unit market has not been strong. The suburb has achieved an $800,000 average price for a three-bedroom unit so far this year, according to Australian Property Monitors, compared with $888,000 in 2009.

Chez & Brentons Apartment

Erin & Jakes apartment

Mark & Duncans Apartment

John & Neishas apartment

So - who do you think will win???


  1. I don't know who should win - While I think they all did a great job I would worry about the quality of the work (but without looking at it up close I wouldn't have a clue!)
    John and Neisha probably sold theirs for the most simply because they have the courtyard

  2. I haved loved every second of the show and cannot wait for the finale tonight!!

    Although Erin and Jake definitely have the best decorating skills, I think Neisha and John might have a chance because of their clean slate strategy and of course they also have the courtyard...

    And although Chez did have some nice touches here and there, I think she definitely shot herself in the foot with that damas sliding panel... eeeeeek!

  3. Sal, I have also loved this show.
    However it does puzzle me that the judges have stressed how the market demands a blank canvas that would enable buyers to "make it their own" and then proceed to pick Erin and Jakes rooms which although very stylish, are anything but blank canvases.

  4. i think that John and Neishas is actually the most livable and the courtyard is definitely a plus. then maybe chez?? but i actually think whilst Jake and Erin's is striking it is to them and possibly not enough potential for a buyer to make it their own... but who knows! :) will be fun to see how it all pans out and if they will cover the costs!!

  5. I hope Neisha and JOhn win, I think their apartment is lovely, and like everyone else, provides a blank canvas, plus the courtyard plus the awesome extractor fan/light!
    Someone mentioned quality of work, I agree...chez's painting looked terrible and the flooring looked shotty too. Erin and Jake....gorgeous yes, but noone likes a cheater! I really hope John & Neisha get the win! Article yesterday saying that people paid too much for previous years block apartments and they have not gone up in value in all this time bc of premium paid for the "block factor"

  6. I think Chez placed her pendant lights above the dining table to far apart, maybe a bit too high aswell. Thoughts?

  7. I dont mind the spacing of the pendant lights but i think theyd definately look better lower. Perhaps she was considering the view from the kitchen when she put them up high? I agree - i dont know if id want tp part with almost a million $$ for an apartment that was built by people who had a small amout of time & little building experiance. Prob not a great selling point that they said chez & brentons tiling was shoddy too!

  8. What about the mirror in CHez's kitchen. I think that should be bolted to the wall. It could easily fall down.



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