Monday, November 15, 2010

Deliciously girly apartment - part 2

Had a great weekend in NSW's southern highlands for one of Australias biggest mountain bike races, the 100km  Highland Fling AND am very excited to report that after breaking his middle gear ring in the first 2km (not good!) Ben managed to come away with a win in the open male catagory! Very exciting! Am a tad tired & sunburnt today but it was all worth it for such an awesome result! Ok - back to the usualy topic of discussion!

I posted about this apartment last week but was interested to see more photos of it over on House of Turquoise & to learn that it is actually part of the re development of the athletes village in Vancouver used for the last winter olympics! Here are a few more shots! The bedroom has really got me thinking....that the blank wall over my own bed might like a juju hat!

And we have a mirror exactly like this one too!


  1. Congrats Ben! That is so funny you mentioned the juju hat Sal, I was just thinking the other day if I could justify (to myself)getting one. I want white too! xx

  2. Well done Ben! Sal the apartment is gorgeous and ditto the hat fondness. LOVE the blue walls in the bedroom.

  3. That bed is simply divine! Love the headboard & the pillow - gorgeous!

  4. Congratulations to Ben!!

    I fell in love with this apartment since your last post and can't seem to fall out of love with it. It's simply brilliant.

    Which brings me to my next question: where on earth did you score a mirror like that one in Australia?? I have been looking for one in Adelaide and haven't managed to find one yet... :(

  5. GO BEN. Although breaking his 'middle gear ring' sounds a bit rude when I first read it .. hahahaha.

    I 'think' I like the look of those fuzzy juju things - but as my fear of spiders would have me checking it every night - I could not possibly have such a thing above my bed .. aahhhhhhh!!!

  6. Savvy Gab - send me an email on &ill give you the details for the mirror! Pretty well priced too!

    Linda i am the same with the juju hats...i think i like them...and im scared of spiders too so now after you've said that i dont think i can have one!

    Ben says thanks to all ;)



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