Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cool Desk Spaces

Im going to be away tomorrow (heading to canberra for the last mountain bike race of the season with the man) so im posting tomorrows post now! Time for the latest installment of my constant obsession - cool work/desk spaces!

Via The Town House

One of my fav's - if you cant have a room - take over your linen closet!

What a great space this is - great desk, comfy but stylish chairs, a couch, wallpaper, awesome inspiration board, a chandeleir...Kishani Perrera you are my kinda designer!

Via The Decorista

Both Via Made by Girl

Image via Lonny - i LOVE seagrass wallpaper!


  1. Just what I am after at present. I need to set up a study for Hubby and could use some inspiration, thanks! ;-)

  2. If you could see what my desk looks word...shame. Thanks for the post, great blog.

  3. That's one of my obsessions too! I really want to create a space like that in my home! good inspirations you post!

  4. All of which are lovely! So I have first, second and last images as favorites. It's hard to choose just one! Enjoy the gorgeous week ahead, Kellie xx

  5. It might take me a while to be converted to sea grass wallpaper, I'm a big fan of the white wall myself! There was so much fantastic inspiration in this post, thank you!



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