Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday wisdom - the stressed edition!

Am having quite a frazzled week & need to keep reminding myself of this..
Due to the reason causing me to be 'frazzled', I need to throw myself into my 'solo' work & get out there & promote myself! Thankyou for all your great feedback on the kitchen - means the world to me! xx


  1. Yes, it is all for a reason, usually impossible to uncover at the time! If you find the answer please tell the rest of us.

    good stress release: other people's babies, puppies, and pansies. And work!

  2. Its so hard to start but once you do and do it with conviction, everything will just fall into place.
    I have always lived by "Everything happens for a reason".... along with..."follow the signs"
    Use that wonderful kitchen as your leap.



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