Tuesday, November 23, 2010

House in Rio de Janeiro

I stumbled across this home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Progetto Arquitetura & Interiores on Design Milk
 ...wow wow & more wow!

The goal was to create a union between the indoor and outdoor areas using a contemporary language. That language — being awesome — allowed them to create an expanded area for leisure activities that feels very much a part of the entire residence. There are three main levels: the social areas (kitchen, living, dining) on the bottom floor and then the bedrooms and private areas on the top two. There are two sets of stairs (one for service) and an elevator. Using high ceilings to create large yet integated spaces

Love the great spacious and airy feel and the use minimal natuaral matrerials like stone & timber, the landscaping & palms also really set off the neutral colour pallete. My two favourite features are the huge shutters opening to the pool (and how fantastic that palm looks infront of them!) & the vision through the huge pivot front door to the stairs and how they've used the timber here. Something as simple as the slat work & cladding the stairs to create a really 'architectural' look.

This image gives me the fuzzies!!

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  1. nice "carioca" house...(carioca is how we call the ones who were born in Rio de Janeiro! hahaha)
    i'm from brazil, and also have my own blog about architecture, design, and stuffs like that...n' I love ur posts...




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