Thursday, November 4, 2010

The most divine apartment!

Today i just had to share this GORGEOUS girly apartment i saw over on Bazaar of Serendipity today.
Designed by canadian company The Cross Design - which i hear from one of my canadian friends is an amaaaazing homewares store that also offers a design service! I think its not only really girly but has an element of 'toughness' to it aswell!
I love the octopus artwork, that pink stuuded chair & the chandelier which happens to be almost identical to the one i just put up in our bedroom! Actually i also love the colour of that wall in the bedroom, the coral all over the place & the mirrored furniture..and the dark floors...ok ok i love it all!


  1. I really love the chalkboard wall and the artwork in the last shot is really eye catching.

  2. oh yes - had this save din my blog ideas folder too!! love it especially the octopus!!!! Hope you are having a better day today! KG

  3. I loooove it! Simply gorgeous.
    Oh I wish Chalkboards always looked that good once you have used them more than once.
    That bedroom is devine.

  4. Oh that last shot could be achieved via Kerri at Driftwood interiors with her 'Sea Fan' series. Go pay her a visit, she even has a giveaway happening. ;-)

  5. Yes The Cross is a gorgeous shop. My Company relocated me to Vancouver & I had to find an apartment pronto with no concept of areas. Bamboozled I saw this amazing store "The Cross" & decided I would live within 1 block of it. Loved my weekend visits & back in OZ love seeing items from The Cross in my OZ house.

  6. This is a stunner Sal - thanks for the tip! Particularly love those sea fan prints - surprise, surprise! K xx



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