Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bookshelf Bonanza!

I have a friend who is in a constant struggle with her black expedit (ikea) bookcase & making it look 'right'. I thought id give her some 'bookcase styling' inspiration!.I think one of the problems might be that it looks a bit empty! Clearly from all these shots filling it up is the way to go!

via i suwanee
Fill it up with books & magazines stacked both horizontally & vertically. I also really like the idea of attaching wall lights for a really rich & elegant look! You can get some like these from Ikea for next to nothing!

Via Apartment therapy
Add a ladder for interest...or some yellow doors...

via Design Sponge
Make the shelves different sizes & add a mirror & 'atifacts'

Via Domino Magazine
Stack all the books horizontally...and add items sitting ontop of the stacks!

Via Elle Decor
OR go all vertical & colourful!

Via I Suwanee
More exapmles of books + artifacts!

Via I Suwanee
If you dont have a lot of books how about filling it up with stacks of magazines?

Via I Suwanee
ok, i just like this one for the colour!

Via I Suwanee
Colour coding your books!

  The dark colour here gives it a ery luxurious feel!
These are all stacked vertically for a uniform look

loooove this! This bookcase has been made into a reading area with a glam side table, great chair, a hide & a pendant light! Bookshelf warm fuzzies!

via Kelly Green
Display your books front on for a library/display look!
Another personal favorite!

Via My Ideal Home
floor to ceiling = total wow factor!

Via Plush Palate
Another reading area - shelf  + chair + pendant = love!

Via Kelly Green
Ok not books but how divine are the colours!
Hope this has helped you Emma! Maybe you can share a photo of the finished product once you have styled her up!?


  1. Thanks Sal! Lots of inspiration here... I will let you know how I go. Emma xx

  2. Great inspiration, your right full is best....also just filling it with everything and then slowly take away. Keep standing back and slowly you will be drawn to a spot to change, it might take a while but it works.

  3. GORGEOUS post...I cant get enough of book shelves...of course i like the one where the white pendant hangs infront :))))




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