Thursday, April 8, 2010

Window display gold...or um yellow!

I just went on my lunch break & saw this great bit of window display porn!
(dedicated to all the things i love!)
Kitchenaid Mixer + Limoges Tea set = heaven!!

Unaffordable heaven...
$170 for a single teacup & saucer + $750 for the mixer + $270 for the blender
:( oh well a girl can dream!

inside more gorgoeous displays of tea cups - these are a bit mroe affordable at $55

611 Military Road, Mosman
Sydney, Australia


  1. Oooh I love teasets (although you probably already know this) and am currently waiting for two to be delivered that we received as wedding gifts! And yes, those Limoges ones are SO pricey. Have you checked out the actual T2 shops? They have so many pretty ones that you wouldn't actually have to buy as sets but maybe treat yourself to one to keep at work :)x

    P.S My husband in in Sydney today and tomorrow and called me earlier from his lunch break... funny typing to you from Malaysia, picturing you on your lunch break and my husband on his both in Sydney :P

  2. Hey Son!
    Yes i luuurve T2!
    I have a set of 6 mis-matched teacups & saucers fromt their turkish delights range!...and ive got a royal doulton set in the zandra rhodes butterflies range & also a royal albert time your in sydney we are having a tea party ;)BTW are you working ovet there or are you lucky enough to have the days to decorate you lucky thing?!
    sal x



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