Friday, April 16, 2010

Wardrobes of the rich &/or famous

Now for the last of celeb week!
Some great wardrobes of celebrities...or people who have neough $$ for a fantastic one!
Not that you have to be cashed up to have a great wardrobe~
see my tips at the end of the post!

Mariah...Couldnt leave this one out!
I know shes a bit nuts but you have to love a woman who claims she works out in stillettos! lol

Nikki Hilton
love that she has matched her outfit to the hangers for the shoot
2 nice items for the dream wardrobe,
1.a nice chair to sit on whist putting on fab heels
2. fresh flowers!
I love the central storage - id keep my accessories in here!
With drawer inserts for jewellery.
(hmmm this person has alot of white shirts?!)
Aerin Lauder - LOVING that desk too!
A study/wardrobe room would be a nice way to surround yourself with things you love!

Now this is my style!
Mirrored central unit, orchid & a shoe wall!

Mirrored doors not only create space but are an obvious feature for a wardrobe!
Also love the chandeliers, natural lighting & central ottoman in here!

Great colours & Love those doors!
(i think id prefer to have most things hidden behind doors though)

& last but not least
.....we all know this one right?!?!
You dont have to be totally cashed up to have a great wardrobe though! Here are some tips to keep your wardrobe in order!
1. A 6 monthy 'cull'
If you dont love it, wear it or need it put it in a clothing bin for someone not as fortunate
OR sell things on ebay! I do this regulary & then you can make a bit of extra cash!
2. Good Hangers
Those wire hangers are not good for our clothes!
(& let face it they're ugly!)
The best hangers for your clothes are wooden ones - they arent expensive as you think - ikea have packs of 10 for about $8, or there are thicker white plastic ones at bunnings that will also be better for your clothes (& eyes) than the wire ones!
3. Shoe Racks
Lets try to keep our shoes in order & not in a pile!
This way you can easily see what you have & keep them in good condition.
Shoe racks can be purhcases at ikea, freedom, bunnings etc & sit at the bottom of your cupboard OR you could put in MDF shelves (very easy) and display your shoes in an open section!
4. Bags
Some of us spend a fair bit on bags, so when they are in the cupboard keep them in the dustbags they came in to keep them looking good!
5. Accessories
Keep scarves, belts etc in their own drawer or basket.
I store mine in a hanging shoe storage unit so i can see them all!
Ikea have some GREAT accessories storage items at the moment!
i especially love the felted pull out (they come with runners) jewellery stoarage comparments!


  1. Thanks Sal,
    Some great storage tips!
    You have inspired me to get my wardrobe and belongings all organised and looking pretty.
    Might have to take a trip to Ikea on the weekend...

  2. Great - thats my mission accomplished!
    check out the back & white malla boxes - love these! & the felted pull out jellwery storage!

  3. i love organising my stuff and i want a wardrobe like these!!!



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