Tuesday, April 20, 2010

when i grow up i want a library...

My name is sally.
and im addicted to books.
i love them.
sometimes i buy them just to sit there and look at them
(i dont actually read all of them)

When i grow up id like a library room/wall in my house

(the one in the picture above - including the curtain & ladder will do nicely!)

I might even colour code my books
Image: Elle Decor

And put one of my buddhas with them to keep them company.
Image: Elle Decor

what if you wanted a book from the bottom?

Id have nice chairs & coral in the bookshelf aswell...

And a ladder cause im short
(or 'fun sized' as i saw it refered to the other day!)
Image: House & Garden Australia

Image: Style Files

Oh a mezzanine level would be a perfect library
add a great lounge chair & lamp & were set!
Image: Shelter

Image: Living Etc

Image: High Heeled Foot in the door

Image: I Suwannee
...one day...when i grow up...i will have a library.


  1. These are all some of my most favorite images! My book collection is no where near large enough to fill those kind of shelves... but maybe one day!


  2. Ohh I too need to join "book lovers anonymous"! I have so many books I have to give them away... Would adore a huge feature book shelf like these, love the coral and buddah's on display amongst the books and the colour coding, might have to try that on my little book shelf (at present it is in height order but colour coding might be much prettier)
    Thanks Sal for some lovely ideas for my "one day when..." file. :)



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