Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snail Mail....

Happy Friday all! xx Image: Weheartit
oh i love the excitment of letters in the post!
wouldnt mind a pink letterbox either! lol

This is the template for the stamp i ordered - it looks fantastic!
(was very excited to receive it in the post yesterday!)
here are some more of the templates you can use below;

I really love getting hand written envelopes in the mail ~
(for some reason it excites me!)
Doesnt happen that often these days & when it does its usually from my nanna!
A few weeks ago i saw a post on Made By Girl
about US based graphic designer Sara Crowly who makes customised return address stamps!
I went over to her Etsy shop to have a look and was surprised to see that for only $29 usd ($31 aud) you can have a customised stamp made & posted to you here in Australia!

.....Yes, i ordered one!
A day later she emailed me a proof (which looked amazing!)
and then 2 weeks later, there it was in my letter box!!!
(i ripped it open at the box & stood there stamping the parcel it came in lol)

Cute, personal, and affordable!
One of these could make a great housewarming present too ~
Head over to her shop to check it out for yourself!

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