Monday, April 19, 2010

Beautiful bicycles...

Lately ive been a little obsesssed witht the idea of aquiring a beautiful white vintage bike with a basket.....
this is the way i see myself cruising up to the shops to get milk/coffee/papers.
im sure in reality it will not be quite so glamourous
....nor will there be a dirt road or an orchard ;)

I had my eye on this stunner on ebay but sadly it sold for a bit more than i had in my bike budget... :(
How gorgeous is it!
I love the colour + the basket + the leather seat
+ the little leather pouch at the back of the seat
(god knows what its for but i like it!)
I have been 'told' that when i sell my mountain bike
(which im now too scared to ride due to the numerous stacks ive had!)
i can buy one of these....but what if i suddenly become adventure woman again?
anyone want my $1300 mountain bike?!

happy monday all xx

1 comment:

  1. I, I NEED! Pure perfection.
    My hubby has been promising me (for 10+ years now) that he would find an old bike and do it up just like this. Still waiting.... :(



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