Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have died & gone to house heaven.....

wow. wow. WOW!
This is possibly my dream house!
The french holiday home of fasion designer John Rocha.

Beautiful lap/infinity pool detail -
infact ive discussed this with my boss & we might steal this one for a future job!great juxtaposition of the black pool & the white pavers and
i looooove the laser cut seat!
the fact that simply its shadow creates an artwork on the ground is stunning!
I love these stunning cadles - the glow on the white walls at dusk is just divine!

The firepot gives such a relaxed holiday feel
I can just see myself sitting under that bamboo!
Lets not forget great interesting art, flowers & silverware!
Lush greenery against the stark white - stunning.
Outdoor crystal chandleir...need i say anymore!
love the look of a large stone bowl filled with flowers & the gorgeous white shutters

The tiling flows from indoors to out.
All Images: Richard Powers


(so oh my god infact it warranted changing my text colour!)
Am on the verge of having a heart attack over how much i adore this house!
The chandeleir in the garden, the wet edge lap pool, the clean white lines, the glow of the candles, the greenery of the palm trees, tha laser cut seat at the end of the pool, the fire pit!

its too much!


  1. yes yes house heaven. amazing photos this must be tropical looking at the green palm trees

  2. I am back looking for those update pictures. I know I am Over keen



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