Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Polished Beauty Spa....

While reading the archives of a few new blogs i have discovered i came across this gorgeous nail salon!
How absoultely divine is Polished Beauty Spa in Atlanta Georgia!
If this was my local nail salon id be there in a flash!
No daggy giant pedicure chairs, crappy office chairs or bad wallpaper in here!
So serene!

Kartell Madmoiselle chairs, simple white glass topped tables & gorgeous little lamps!

This is one of the most gorgeous pedicure set ups ive seen!
A great idea to use the oversized basins for foot soaking & the mixer taps are so stylish too!
Im sure these chairs dont give you a back massage but i think you'd be relaxed enough in this environment!

Very girly yet simple & successfull colour scheme.
It definately lives up to its name!
Love it! I also like the venetian mirror on the back wall.
You could easily accomplish a look like this for yourself in a home office or a salon.
Simple white tables from ikea, glass tops for easy cleaning & hygeine 
(you can get these made for a fairly decent price)
AND if you want the real deal for the chair head to SPACE furniture with your $1050
 OR there are a number of companies that make copies of this chair but with a different colour schemes.
The same designers also worked on another spa in Atlanta called Entebello with similar results.
The common elements
1. white backdrop with one or 2 striking colours
2. Luxurious chairs in bold colours
3. detailed upholstry in the 'lounge area'
3. The use of elegant looking oversized basins for foot soaking with chrome mixer taps
4. Use of mirrors & glass in furniture
(table tops, display counters etc)
5. The use of pattern working with the colour scheme such as a panel of wall paper or a backlit wall.

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