Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hvae had a very distressing morning involving dental surgery booked for the 10th June & a bill i will need a second job to pay for....
so i will start my day with this....

I saw this quite over on pink wallpaper yesterday & just the quote itself made me happy. I think ill have to find a print of it & frame it for home for those days when im feeling a bit blue
Then on my lunch break yesterday i came across these little beauties in my favorite local florist Matt Bisaro - this little shop is divine! Rustic looking bookshelves packed with beautiful jars, lanterns & vases PACKED with stunning flowers! oohh it gives me the warm fuzzies!

I have a set of boxes made from the same pressed tin which i really love..
im sure i can work one of these into my apartment somehow..
Maybe with an indoor plant, or maybe on my desk at work.
They range from $10 for the small ons to $60 for the biggest.
Will someone please buy me all those tulips to go in them too ;)

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  1. i also posted that same saying love it...i also couldn't remember where i saw it thanks for the your newest follower...suzanne



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