Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sorry to interupt!

So i know i said this week was all about celebrity abodes....
but i was way to excited to not share these two little tid bits!
Firstly...went to ikea last night for some photo frames.
While walking through the rug section to the frames i noticed my rug (see loving section to the side!) wasnt there anymore?!?
So i asked the sales girl & she said oh yes its been discontinued...
"but i took the last one off display today, its in the baragin corner"
Never have you seen anyone walk (almost run) through ikea on such a mission!
Anyway, i got it & while i was loading it onto the trolley (its heavy!) 3 other people came up & stood there waiting to see if i took it!
My ikea bargain! woohoo

~Secondly ~
While my boss (not a huge fan of girly interiors) was on holidays last year, a client & i designed a guest bathroom with this Bisazza Wall Mural on one of the walls - hehehe sorry boss!
Anyhow the wall is being tiled this week!!!!
Soo excited to see it - when its finished ill share some piccys!

Image: Biazza

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