Friday, April 16, 2010

Thankyou & happy friday ....x

Happy friday everyone!

Mine is even happier beacuse im in the office alone today which means getting lots of work done & spending a bit of me time looking at some new blogs
(just went & got my coffee & am enjoying doing this right this minute!)

I just wanted to write a quick note to say after 6 weeks of starting this blog how much im enjoying it - i love sharing & hearing your ideas & comments!
If your reading my blog, id love to see you become a follower
(do this by cliking the follow button on the side) or a fan on the facebook page.

Ive found some great blogs ive been totally inspired by this week - im sure you'll love them too!
Ive added I Suwannee + Ada & Darcy to my blog roll - check them out!
AND ive been totally over the moon to see that MY blog has been featured on Made by girl (who has almost 5000 followers! wow!) and Live Creating Youself!

How exciting! Cant wait to share more with you all.

Have a magic weekend!
(ill be spending mine helping my parents with their garage sale...
which im actually looking forward to! will be fun!)

sal xx

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  1. Oh that's so nice :) I'm so glad you are enjoying blogging so much my dear! x



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