Friday, September 2, 2011

Flowers + Makeup

Sorry about the 2nd wedding related post in a row! Heading down south again this weekend to tick off a few more wedding tasks! Today we are heading to Berry to check out some potential brunch spots for the day after the wedding (any suggestions anyone???) then meeting the florist in Nowra to talk boquets - i feel very lucky that this gorgeous florist is in the area we are getting married in, cause there aint alot down there!

Check out their divine website The Shady Fig how cute is it!

Then on Saturday im sending the man out for a bike ride while i have a makeup trial with a local lady suggested to us by our (very cool) celebrant - makeup is something im a bit unsure about...I know what i want it to look like but in the past when ive had makeup done t it never really comes out how you want it (i dont want to look like a drag queen on my wedding day please!)...i toyed with the idea of doing it myself (if Kate Middleton can so can i right? then again i heard she didnt really do it herself...), but makeup isnt something im great at & i think on your wedding day you may aswell get a pro to do it and you want it to stay on! So, we will see how it goes!

Would be nice to feel pampered on wedding morning with someone doing your makeup too right?

Nars - love it! Got quite embarrassed once when i asked my future in laws to pick me up an Orgasm (blush) on their trip to tthe states! haha

And how the hell do you find the perfect shade of lippie?


  1. I'm on the constant quest for the perfect lippy... because I find I always want some other shade... sigh...

  2. Michelle at Shady fig is a friend...her flowers are amazing..I'm sure you will be thrilled.



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