Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - We have Cake!

We have now decided on our wedding cake! I have to say it was the easiest & one of most fun parts of the wedding planning so far (is that weird?). We went met Patricia from Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes & had a lovely hour looking at designs, sizes, colours & then most importantly - tasting them! I took a few photos while we were there so thought i might share them as it was really quite fun & this is the sort of thing i always used to enjoy hearing about before it was me doing it myself! Ben enjoyed it too so it was great doing something together & both finding it really easy to decide on what we wanted! Not that im going to tell you what it is! But i will say its simple & elegant.

Lots of cakes to look at!

Patricias gorgeous sideboard set up with lots of mags for inspiration & a plate of cakes to taste (& a much needed jug of water to wash them all down with!)

Now to the fun bit! Tasting them - and they were all pretty yum! The flavours included choc & white choc mud, caramel, bannana, coconut & indonesian sponge.....

and yes, we did eat them all!
By this stage all the choices had been made! (and I felt a bit ill!)
and you can see in the background the foam shapes she has so you can play with them & get an idea for size & scale of your cake - very helpful! I had also ordered a cake plate from Bountiful a few months ago so we took that along too to use it to see what would look 'right' sitting on it!
Cake = tick!

and here are some more random pictures from my inspiration files!
How gorgeous is this! Perfect if you were having a woodland theme wedding - or at a mushroom farm!
lol (sorry that was a bad joke)
Ritzy Bee

Divine, classic cake - those flowers are to die for!

Super cool!
Style me pretty

Love this mexican fiesta inspired cake! The succulents are such a great addition to it aswell.

I love the ruffly flowers on this one! Some cakes are more like a pirce of ary i think! I decided that in the end our cake was going to be like a part of our decorations!
Via Style me pretty

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  1. Amazing collection of image of cake. The third to the last one is beautiful.



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