Friday, September 23, 2011

Hens Time!

Does this picture just make you feel like getting your best party dress on, painting your nails pink & drinking champagne!? Well thats what im doing tomorrow night! Its one of my best mates hens parties! Hope she has a great night - we are having cocktails & bubbles at our hotel & playing some games in the afternoon & then heading into chinatown for a banquet dinner at Golden Century (one of the best places in china town - its even got a chefs hat!). I spent last night making the 'funnest' playlist of music for the night - i spent a bit of time dancing around the living room - woohooo! Im off today to buy the wine for dinner & get cocktail ingredients........
Before i sign off for the weekend just a reminder to enter the Minted Wedding Invitation Giveaway - ill be drawing the winner on monday!


  1. That sounds like a perfect hens!!!
    I'm thinking of doing a dinner at Mamacitas with LOTS of Mojitos and Tequila.

    No strippers for me!!


    p.s you've totally made my nail polish decision for me, I was swaying between hot, hot pink and lilac.



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