Friday, September 9, 2011

How to store perfume..

Are you a perfume horder with one for every day on display? Or are you like me & use one bottle till its finished & move onto the next? Ive just finished 3 lots of Gucci Flora which i LOVE and have moved onto a bottle of Vera Wang Princess (my nanna gave it to me after we got engaged). I also adore KAI - its not easy to find but its stocked at Mecca & has the most amazing gardenia scent. Whats your favourite?

I read a really interesting article in a recent Madison Magazine about fragrance & perfumes. It included a section on the optimum way to store your perfume, and its not what you really want to hear....

"Keep your fragrances, including perfume, eau de parfum, cologne and eau de toilette away from heat. Most importantly, protect them from direct light, especially sunlight. Light affects the chemical makeup of a fragrance and will change its color which affects the dynamics of how it combines (so that means that keeping our beautiful perfumes out on display is really not the best idea - i think im going to have to ignore this advice! Interetsing though!) Perfume also hates humidy - so the bathroom is not the best place for it (damn - thats where mine lives!).
 It is best to keep the fragrances in their original containers, if possible, and with the tops tightly closed to avoid exposure to air. If given a choice, opt for bottles with spray dispensers as opposed to ones with open tops or roller balls. Spray dispensers better protect the fragrance from exposure to dirt, dust and air, and have a longer shelf life, too. Don't be too quick to throw away bottles of perfume that you think may be too old to use, as long as they have been stored properly over the years.


  1. I am interested to read this as yesterday went to put on my Chloe perfume and to my horror it smelt like terpantine!!I think the heat of Singapore has ruined my fav perfume...looks like I will have to keep mine in the fridge!! x

  2. I usually store mine in the fridge. Cold. Dark and they feel nice when you spray them on in the summer... not so much the winter haahahaha

  3. I wear Dior's Miss Cherie religiously. Everyone knows it's 'Emma's scent' hahaha One of my friends got given a bottle for Christmas and exchanged it for something else because she wouldn't wear it! I keep my perfume in our bedroom which is quite dark as I know keeping it in the bathroom is a no-no. I do seem to have a lot of old empty bottles though, I just hate the thought of throwing them away :(

  4. I have a few on high rotation; Chanel No 5, Estee Lauder White Linnen, Bvlgari Jasmine Noir, Vera Wang (and about 5 more less used). I keep them in their boxes and in a bathroom cabinet to protect from light but when I'm at the last bit, a cm - put them on display in bed or bathrooms. Somehow this just works and I've never had a problem with them aging and always have something on display!.

  5. I LOVE perfume and always look forward to getting some as a gift at christmas from my mum and on birthdays from my gorgeous man. I like to change it up a lot and have several on the go - I choose the one that best reflects the way I want to feel on the day. Cutesy - sweet florals such as CK Euphoria Blossum, Fresh & energetic - citrus such as Issey Miyake, sensual and sexy - I go for a more complex one such as hypnotic poisen, Armani code, Cool & funky - CK2B, D&G light Blue. I am in the market for some new additions, I am thinking of a Kenzo and Versace Lavender bottle smells great too.

  6. These tips are very essential to store your perfume in a better way.



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