Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Raw Brownie Revolution

Lately ive been feeling like ive lost my cooking mojo - just feeling uninspired (i usually love cooking). So on the weekend i decided to try a few things i'd seen around the traps lately - one of which being the raw brownie which i had seen here & here - origionating from here! I have to say it does live up to the hype! The 5 ingrediants being dates, almonds, walnuts & pure cacao all have great health benifits (read about them on My New Roots where the recipie origionated)- but watch out - they are still high calorie...but in an antioxidant rich kinda way ;) I may never make brownies the old way again!

Id love to hear any more of your favourite healthy recipies as im now on the 6 month countdown (as of last friday!) to our wedding & trying to be more disiplined (what can i say - i love cheese & wine!).

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