Friday, September 16, 2011

Bedroom Heaven

Dont these images just beg you to make over your bedroom?? For years ive been 'thinking' about wallpapering or painting the wall behind our bed but just never got around to it...(possibly because i quite love our 'all white' bedroom with one pop of pink from the 'For Like Ever' print).....ditto to finding a huge piece of equine art! Droooolllll.....

Belle Maison


La Belle Vie


  1. Love the headboard in the first image
    And the bedside in the second
    And the rug in the third
    And the sequins in the forth
    And the chandelier in the fifth
    And the little posy of flowers in the sixth…

    Yes, I think it’s time for a bedroom makeover myself!

    Andie xx

  2. LOVE the wall art in the photo with the twin beds...chic and original!



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