Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Bridesmaids

I cant believe how hard its been for me to get my head around what i want to do for bridesmaids dresses! Its seriously been 10 times harder than finding my own dress! I think the problem is that there are SO many great dresses around in lots of styles/colours i like - how do you choose one?! Anyway thought i'd share some pics from my 'inspiration folder' for bridesmaids ideas! I really love pale colours at the moment thats one thing i do know!

Jose Villa


Real Weddings

Love the pale colours (& no i dont have this many bridesmaids lol)

How amazing are these Lisa Ho bridesmaids dresses - divine!

 I spy Christian Louboutins! How cool!

So cute!
Ruffled (how rock & roll is this chick!)

Great colours again - so light & pretty

OMG - I die - i love this whole look!
Lace, sparkles, the earrings, chic hair & the lippie!
(via the embellishment)

Ellie Saab .....If i was rich......

A bit of colour to break up the pale dress is cute!

Elizabeth Fillmore
Everything about this image is amazing!

Also love me some ruffles!


  1. Wow, I love all these dresses...they are so original and chic! Love the lace.

  2. Beautiful photos! I think you HAVE chosen your bridesmaid's dress colour; these photos are all 'flesh' coloured and light as a feather! Depending on the age of your attendants, check out Kate Moss' bridesmaids pictures too. Some of the most magnificent weddings I've attended involved dresses made of muted florals (very different!), each girl wearing a different pastel shade and another where they wore the same colour as the bride (Ivory) but in a lighter fabric, simpler style. Good luck!
    x KL

  3. "Wow, I love all these dresses...they are so original and chic! Love the lace." Agree it is beautiful.

  4. love the elie saab dress- i'm partial to nude and blush colors too. hope you don't mind if I repost this on my blog!

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