Tuesday, July 26, 2011

World Exclusive - Guest Post by BEN

A few months ago my other half admitted that he did infact read my blog when i wasnt home or no one was looking (not very cool in the nsw police force to be found reading a pink blog about interior design & weddings i suspect). He rarely mentions that he has read anything except in random passing comments or at our engagement party where after a few beers in his speech he decided to make some bumbling jokes about it & things that he did "once daily"......anyway.....last night i got home to discover a disgruntled (& tired) looking man sitting at our computer with my blog on the screen. Demanding to know what kind of poor effort i had made in doing a post devoted to Le Tour & Cadel Evans supreme effort that had kept us awake for 3 weeks of excitement & anxiousness....
To which i replied - well why dont you write a post about it if you are so disappointed in my effort.....i clicked "new post" and walked away to watch the block & spend an hour on the phone to our accountant....and returned to the living room to this......
*DISCLAIMER- I haven't edited it .His passionate banging away at the keyboard for over an hour amused me to much to change any of it!*

BEHOLD. Bens guest post. 
(And i have to say, the man can write, who knew?!)

Although attempts were made by once.daily.chic to celebrate the magnificent achievement of Australia's first tour de france winner; the overall effort was rather poor (3 pictures does not cut it my girl !).

So, in an effort to rectify this lack of patriotism a guest blogger has been subbed off the bench for a ONE-OFF and I repeat ONE-OFF lesson in how to pay tribute to the greatest sporting achievement ever by an Australian (and yes it even betters that child who sat in a boat and floated around the world).

If you haven't already guessed, this might be sals better half; Ben.
Although she performed exceptionally well throughout this years tour, managing to stay up later and longer than previous years, she fell at the final hurdle, being the celebratory blog and has passed the torch to me.

The Tour de France is not just a bike race; for three straight weeks the amazing culture, gastronomy and scenery of Europe is combined with the best professional cyclists in the world to create a race which pushes the limits of human capabilities further than any other sport. 

In our case, the Tour brings us together as a couple. We cook French food together, we stay up late together, we talk alot (and when I say "we" I actually mean I talk as well !), we laugh and cry together, we plan our honeymoon and dream of the day when BOTH of us will stand atop L'Alpe D'uez after BOTH cycling there !!

Cadel Evans has done something very special. The winners of the Tour is reserved for the best cyclists of each generation and Cadel is one of the best. You can't 'Steven Bradbury' the Tour, nor can you swan around France for three weeks without being showing extraordinary amounts of courage and at some point laying everything on the line. In the Alps, where this years Tour was won, Cadel took ownership of the tour chasing Andy Schleck and grinding his way up the highest peaks whilst never asking any other rider for help. Cadel showed us a side of him never seen before, a side that has bloomed from having an amazing team and support crew around him which greatly reduced his ever present bad luck and nervousness. 

For those who don't quite understand it, in a cycling team, eight men ride for just one. The team mates sacrifice themselves by riding in front of Cadel through the wind, rain and heat and tow him to the foot of the mountains where he is then free to fly and use his own amazing talents (it is said that when riding on another's wheel in a peleton you exert about 30% less energy). Cadel's eight mates bring him food and drinks throughout the race basically keeping him safe like a lioness protects her cub (ohhhhhhh...)

In previous tour's Cadel has had bad luck, crashes, illness and a not so supportive team. This year it all came together and it was his time. He was the strongest rider and deserved his place atop the podium in Paris wearing the famous yellow jersey. 

Bravo Cadel you are an inspiration and a legend !

Dear once.monthly.crazy woman- 
so happy to have shared this tour with you! 
You are now beginning to realise that sleep is overrated.....
Im very proud of you and can't wait to be there next year with you and all that cheese !

Peace out...


  1. Aw, too cute!! And yes, he can write.

  2. Go Ben! Pink jersey for you...

  3. Awesome guest post Ben. Loved every minute of it!

  4. Haha this post made me laugh!

    I can just imagine him typing that up - it sounds exactly like M trying to explain to me countless times how THIS WAS THE BIGGEST MOMENT IN AUSTRALIAN SPORT HISTORY!

    (Note: he also looks rather tired at this point... I haven't quite brought myself to staying up with him every night for it yet).

    I guess they are just as passionate about sport as we are about interior design... And I'm sure they don't quite comprehend how we start yelling at the TV when The Block is on...

  5. Stirling effort Ben! very amusing post... watch out Sal this post may well become the most popular entry so far!
    (but i still love your daily annecdotes as well...)

  6. Oh, and I subsequently received the comment below from M (because I sent him a link to the post earlier!):

    "Hahahahaha – very good and I’m glad I’m not alone. Amazing by Ben and good comment by you"

    I feel a bromance coming on...

  7. Oh so passionate and so well written, Bravo Ben for being so brave with writing on this pink blog about design...now lets celebrate by telling all your work colleagues.....;) Too cute.

  8. What a fab guest post! Love Ben's passion for cycling and I think it's so cute that you celebrate the Tour together with French "stuff" xx

  9. This post is too funny! He is so adorable! You'll have to somehow convince Ben to contribute more in the future.

  10. I luuuurved this post! Seriously. Love it. And yes, your man can write! Look out Sal, he might just steal your blogging thunder! :P x

  11. Too cute! I follow daily (and am guilty of going back in months to read all your posts to date!) and this was just adorable :) great guest post Ben :)

  12. Amazing post, Ben! You are a great writer!
    -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  13. Great post Ben. Sal, have you started that training programme yet? L'Alpe D'uez - OMG I'm scared just thinking about it!



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