Friday, July 22, 2011


I went to Icebergs for lunch a few weeks ago. Was a great lunch with Bens family before his brother & wife went back to Seattle. Great food & wine (refer to the recent need to detox post!) lots of laughs & divine veiw & interiors! Here are a few of my shots.....

A wintery day at Bondi..

The seafood stew that gave us all food envy!

Im not usually a fan of Trifle...but omg was this good!

Bens mum, myself & future sister in law!

Ben (in the middle) with his brother & dad

These two turn into little kids when they are together!

And here are the 'pro' shots!
Id love to go at night to see the amazing 'chandeliers' on!


  1. You look like you had a great lunch! And I think I've worked out where I'll celebrate my birthday!!!! Thanks! KL

  2. Awwwh that looks gorgeous! I only ever saw the outside... I can't wait to make it to Sydney next!!

    You guys look so good. I love the pic of you and Ben outside and the one where the boys are laughing their a***s off!



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