Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Simple & pretty....

Im still chuckling at the response to Bens post yesterday - i showed him all the comments when i got home last night & i think he was secretly quite pleased with himself! Hehe ;) A bit of wedding inspiration for this Wednesday - Simple, pretty & textural but not over the top - love it...


  1. This is gorgeous - pretty but not cutely so. What a pity one can only have wedding cakes for weddings...

  2. I love that because it's so simple. Hamish wants us to have a Croquembouche because all our food is French and it's a French wedding cake. I'm not a cake person so I'm happy for him to pick, I'll love whatever he chooses!


  3. You have such wonderful taste!
    I'm bookmarking it for the time when Captain V finally pops THE question!

    xx Felicity



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