Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Engagement Party

Im a slack ass i know - its been almost 2 months since our party & i havent shared any of the photos yet! I think its taken me that long to recover from it actually! Coming from 2 people who are kinda homebodies it was an epic night! A tonne of champagne was consumed, kilos' of baklava & macarooms eaten, gorgeous speaches made & we had a faaantastic night!

The bar and 'ham' table, my mum made all the condiments too!  (im doing a guest post on this set up over on Dizzy Wizzy Design soon)

Sneaky bottle of french bubbles before getting dressed!

The Mums


My mum & I

I hope i look like my mum when im 54!
I think the skinny gene skipped a generation!

 Being silly with my future sister in law!
(& showing off our shoes i suspect!)

3 generations - Mum, Nanna & I

 Ben, Mum & Nanna - have to point out this was after midnight & nanna was still kicking on!

Mum, who hates speaking in public had her speach all typed out & in a plastic sleeve (very ocd - that must be where i get it from!!) And did a great job!

Not sure what mum was saying at this point....

Bens dad relaying the story of how ben told his mum and dad all those years ago that he'd just run into me down at the snow & given me a lift home (as if they belived that!) not that he'd actually asked me as our first date to go to the snow for the weekend & borrowed his dads car to impress me haha

Ben, who wasnt going to make a speach saying something extremely embarrassing, then saying some very sweet things that aparently generated a few tears around the room (even from a certain freind, you know who you are, who NEVER cries!)....awwww i have a good man!


Cutting our awesome 'cheese' cake! A surprise from Bens dad!

 Soon to be new family

.....annnnnd this is where the night started to get a little less civilised...ill leave it there! Lets just say there was tequila involved, some very questiobale dance moves happening and the cops did a driveby (which ben loved as you can imagine, being a policeman himself!)...and we passed out got into bed at about 5am!


  1. are going to make such a beautiful look stunning and ever so happy ; ) The night looked like it was a blast..and a little tequila always helps ; ) Congrats lovely x

  2. You look so gorgeous!!!

    I love, love, love that dress.

    Now I'm inspired for our Engagement Party!!!


  3. Hi! Just came across your Blog and I LOVE it! Congrats on your engagement! I had mine also around the same it! Good fun hey? Anyway I'll enjoy reading your blog daily. x

  4. Wow!!! i want to look like your mum now, let alone 54! Your heels are HOT! Toni x



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