Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Equestrian Love

I got butterflies when i saw this over at The Wedding Chicks. I am a horse lover, i never grew out of it! In primary & high school i had more posters of horses on my walls than bands or actors, i rode at almost every day & was happy to spend every waking hour riding, grooming or cleaning my gear...sadly horses are an expensive hobby & i haven't ridden regularly now for about 7 years...hopefully one day ill be able to have the time & funds to get back into it. Horses are just the most beautiful animals too, so beautiful, powerful & with such great personalities!

Photos: KT Merry
Gown: Ivy & Aster
Veil & Hair accessories: BHLDN


  1. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! The last photo on the bottom right, the bride looks absolutely glowing :)



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