Friday, July 1, 2011

Le Tour De France!!!

Its that time of the year again - while a lot people participate in 'dry july' ben & i participate in 'sleepless july'! All in the name of the excitement of the Tour de France (which in Australia is broadcast live on sbs from about 10pm-3am each night) Not only for the great cycling, team tactics (& a few darn hot men in Lycra - ill say it again ladies - look out for Fabian Cancellara!), but also for Gabrielle Gate's nightly cooking segment & the amazing scenery! This year is extra exciting for us because this time NEXT year we will be there on our honeymoon! So we will be keenly watching & taking notes on what stages & areas we might like to visit! 

The crowds are crazy - especially on the mountain stages!

Each year on the first night just for fun we cook up a french meal, but Ben has to work nightshift this year (booooo) so a girlfriend is coming over & im cooking beef bourguignon & creme brulee for us! Im using this recipie from Guillaume Brahimi (sounds fancy but its pretty easy!) There might be some french cheese involved too! There would be french bubbles, but this friend has just discovered there's a bun in the oven! Just started cooking......

 Do any of you get into the tour? Who's your favorite? This year i think im going for Andy Schleck! If you havent gotten into it before have a watch - its addictive! :)

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  1. We love The Tour in our household too and spend many a late night watching :) Paul is into the cycling, I love soaking up the scenery and French atmosphere. I love your idea of a French themed meal for the first night! x



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