Thursday, July 28, 2011


One of my all time favorite colours. Rarely can i resist anything in this shade! Do you find that you gravitate towards certain colours? For me its usually this one, pinks, oranges & yellows but more recently creams & nude colors (maybe this is my inner bride coming out!)...although to be honest at the moment im struggling to pick a 'colour' or colour scheme for the you even need one? Its really annoying me - isnt this what i do for a job? shouldn't i be good at choosing colours?

Im a bit of a bandit for some gold too!

These would be fab with a white singlet & a tan!

mmm feeling all summery now in this wintery sydney weather!


  1. you know i loves the turquoise too! if it comes in turquoise, i want it!

  2. i don't think you need a particular colour scheme..we didnt have one as it felt too restrictive. Instead, we used our theme 'garden vintage party' and the surroundings, my parents' farm and garden to inspire our colours.

  3. Turquoise is a favorite of mine too, love it! I didn't stick to a colour theme for my wedding. Just chose the things I liked and made sure they all went together :) Abbey x

  4. I adore this colour, so fresh yet so exotic! And it would make a lovely wedding colour sceme, I hope you figure a colour scheme out soon!
    Hope your having a lovely weekend!



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