Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Armchair Collective - my new obsession!

One of my clients took me here for coffee after a site visit last week & i am officially obsessed! 'Armchair Collective' right down near the beach carpark at Mona Vale (Sydney) on Darley Street! Its an awesome eclectic homewares store with a cafe & bar all rolled into one! I cant rave about it enough so ill let the piccies i took do the talking! We went for a coffee & i was very lucky to leave without clearing out my bank account! All i can say is GO THERE!

can i have this pendant?
pretty please?


  1. Thanks for the tip Sal! How have I not heard of this?! xx

  2. Hi Sal, Nice find and thanks for the share.

  3. Looks rather fab, I must pay a visit...thanks for sharing the love x

  4. I found this place recently and LOVED it! I think I was most fascinated by that water tap!! Genius!



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