Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Sequiny Sparkly goodness!

Lets indulge in some mid-week sequins!
Rachel Gilbert - great shape & draping..

Very cute! Wonder what they say?

Anna Sui dress via Net-a-porter
Would be such a fun 'dancing dress' for the reception of you could justify having 2 dresses!

Rachel Gilbert - LOVE this dress!
Need to have more black tie or functions where floor length sequins are appropriate!

Via a Glmourous side project

Elie Saab

Bridesmaids perhaps?!
Via The Lane

Via This is Glamourous

A tad OTT but fun none the less!

The Lane

more divine Rachel Gilbert


  1. love it all! i'm on the hunt for a sequinned mini skirt at the mo... i don't know why i need one, i just feel that i do and i think that's a good enough reason to buy one!

  2. Beautiful - I love a sequin, especially in a full length gown. That Elie Saab dress will haunt me forever.

    x Sarah

  3. Love the sequins... So fun! Now only if they were more realistic for Pillows, wouldn't that be snazzy?!?! Wouldn't last long in my house... sad.



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