Thursday, June 2, 2011

Adore Magazine - My blog loving feature!

The latest edition of Adore Magazine is online now! First up how drool worthy is the cover!!!! Can i please have this entire room?!?! AND im very excited to say ive taken part in the Blog Loving feature on page 57! Thanks Loni for asking me to be part of this issue! Go check it all out! .....

Can i just add, how good is an online mag...yes, it means you can read them while at long as you have some kind of spreadhsheet or something open to flick back to when the boss walks past ;)


  1. GO SAL!
    I flicked through it yesterday and missed seeing your glowing face (must be all that wedding stuff!!!) - so will now head back and see again.


  2. Congrats on the mag feature!! Isn't it just Delish! I am your newest follower and hope you will stop by soon and say hi!

    Have a fab day!

    Sar xx

  3. never heard of this, but off to read now!



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