Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Let them eat cake!

Or just look at it - cause it looks waaaaaay too pretty to eat!
We never thought we wanted a 'tradtional' wedding cake, and were considering wheels of cheese or some kind of macaroon creation.......untill i came across these divine cakes from Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes.....

Arent they amazing? The last 2 are my favourite i think, simple but with one or 2 beautiful flowers.... Its definitely the flowers that get me, such detail! Patricia from Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes has been so helpful answering all my millions of questions & giving suggestions to help with sticking to budget etc if we do decide to go down the 'proper' cake route! If your in the market for a cake i would highly reccomend checking her out!

Id love to hear what you guys have done or are planning when it comes to wedding cakes?


  1. I love the look of a proper wedding cake. Always makes a nice photo too xx

  2. Sal, I'm all in for you & Ben having a proper wedding cake too! You know how we love our baking. It would be a shame not too.



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