Thursday, June 16, 2011

Engagement party flowers!

So i have FINALLY got all my photos onto the computer from our engagement party a few weeks ago! Thought id share them across a few posts! First up the flowers! I love flowers so any chance to get out to the markets & make up some arrangements really excites me! On the friday before the party mum picked me up at 5:30am & we headed out to Flemington! We did a quick 'reccie' & then decided we'd go for lots of different colored roses & then couldn't resist grabbing some bunches of Kale too!

Our haul in the boot!

 at home laying it all out to work out what to mix with what!

The roses i picked up ranged from $3.50 to $8 a bunch. The big pink ones on the right of this picture were the $8 ones & were stunning!

My other absolute favorites were the big fluffy pale yellow roses on the right below, can you believe these were only $3.50 a bunch! Crazy.

The $3.50 yellow roses - l.o.v.e

This was 3 bunches of Kale for the grand total of $21 all up! And we picked up the white tin bucket from one of the suppies stalls - only $9! Think ill be getting a few more of these to use at the wedding somehow! We had this bucket at the front door with big vanilla scented candles coming down the front stairs (& managed to not get a single photo of all of this set up!!! ggrrr)

After about an hour of arranging........

I think these mixes were my fav - pale yellow, pink & ivory roses!


We then spread them out all over the house! And the day after mum & nanna both took a vase home & i took one to work! They lasted about 4-5 days before stating to look a bit shabby, but i think if i was a bit more diligent about changing the water & cutting the stems they might have lasted longer!

My Tips for the flower markets...
They are open monday/wednesday/friday & saturday.
Parking is $8 & free on saturday.
This is the same market florists buy from so get there early! The website sys its open till 9am but by 7am alot of stalls are a;ready packed up - I usually get there about 6-6:15am, but they are already well underway by then (prepare for a bit of a crowd!) 
Dont be scared to talk to the stall holders as most are really friendly & happy to give you suggestions! 
Take cash - this makes it a lot easier!
Do a bit of a walk around to get an idea of whats in season, what looks good on the day & prices, then go crazy ;)
oh & also if you feel like a great coffee or spot of breaky after your shopping there is an awesome italian place a few warehouses down...cant remember what its called but ask someone to point you in the right direction!



    I had NO idea the public could go to the flower markets!!! Considering I'm paying $20 for one bunch (read 4 stalks) of Kale at the moment I can save HEAPS by going to the Flower Markets. Even if they are on the other side of the city!

    The roses look gorgeous, all those colous together - stunning!

    Great post!!

  2. What gorgeous arrangements you came up with - love the vibrant colours and the kale is so effective.

  3. these flowers looks awesome to me.there are different kinds of flowers and colors are looks very good.If you want more flowers , try this wedding flowers and I hope ,it will satisfy you.



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