Friday, June 3, 2011

6 Degrees of separation

Well less actually! The funniest thing happened last night....this is kind of a long story so settle in.....
Back when i started my blog last year, someone else had the done same only a few weeks before; Sonja of Tied with A Bouw...

i really enjoyed her blog & we started commenting on each others blogs, which soon turned into emails, then facebook friends & now you could say quite good friends who are in contact almost daily (awww how nice is the bloggy world! Though weird we have never met we both agree!). Sonja & her husband Matt are Melbourne-ites living in Malaysia & Dubai before that for his work....

So a few months ago when Sonja told me her husband Matt was being 'courted' by a recruiter for a job in Sydney we were quite excited & began emailing back & forward about different suburbs & living in Sydney and she would keep me updated on how this recruiter was interviewing matt etc. Turns out they have found a house they are very interested in & get this, its about 800m away from MY house! So on Wednesday night i met the real estate agent for them & did an inspection, got home & emailed them all the details.......Sonja & i proceed to get all excited about the prospect of being neighbors...

this is when it gets weirder.......
We were chatting about something & i said "you should go & have a look at this facebook album of mine so you can see the photos" off she went. About 2 mins later i get an email notification from facebook saying Sonja had commented on a photo of my mum & dad at his 60th birthday party (seems she got a bit sidetracked on her facebook stalk!) saying how hot my mum looked (which she does i might say, hope i look that good at 54!) .......

Almost instantly i get a text from my dad (who had also got the comment notification because he was tagged in the photo) saying "so tell me how you know Sonja Bouw, tell me its not the same one whos married to Matt Bouw & is living in Malaysia? If it is its a very small world"..... A flurry of facebook comments later......Turns out MY DAD is the recruiter who has been 'woo'ing' Matt & has sealed the deal that is brining them to Australia! He has even been talking to Sonja on email & had just been on the phone to Matt hours before!

We were gobsmacked......and then in Sonjas words "we proceeded to get a little giddy like one of those Lynsay Lohan-type movies where the sisters are separated at birth only to be reunited later in life by sheer fate" (ok so we got a bit carried away...there was even discussions of when we moved in together who would get the top bunk hahahaha). 

So there you go - how crazy is that! Not only will these two bloggy friends get to actually meet, but possibly live a block away from each other and it was my dad that made it happen! Ahhh the warm fuzzies! It was meant to be Sonja! Start packing & become my neighbour!!

Happy Friday Everyone!! 

Sonja also posted about this today - read her version here!


  1. I love this blogging caper - it truly does shrink the world and enrich us in the most unexpected and lovely ways.

    Your story is truly incredible and it very aptly titled.

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  2. What a cute story, such a small world! How cool that you will be able to meet in real life! xx

  3. it! what a small world! And a happy ending as you will both FINALLY be able to meet in person soon : )

  4. Unbelievable, I believe there are so many connections in the blogger world but yours is worthy of a movie, you must feel really blessed. Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. That is well and truly freaky! Very exciting you'll now be practically neighbours and nice to know there will be another North Shore blogger in town. Jxx

  6. How freaky but a great story! Have fun catching up. ;-)

  7. That is such a funny story - can't believe what a coincidence the whole thing is!! How exciting yo'll be living nearby each other after emailing all this time :)

  8. How cool is that? I love both your and Sonjas' blogs and think that is an amzing story!

  9. That is such a brilliant fab and how exciting!!

  10. That is unbelieveable! Love it! xoxo

  11. Gorgeous story. I have now become a follower of you both. Fab blogs! Keep it up. Amy x



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