Friday, June 24, 2011

Dining room art....& my blog header!

I think you all know what i am so drawn to this image! I just wish i had had the $$ to snap up one of these prints from 20 x 200 when they were still available in this size! Id like to deck out my dining room exactly like this - also loving the hydrangeas & crystal glasses!

Image: Elle Decor


  1. I know it is super rude to the artist to do it, but I couldn't afford the larger size, so I got the smaller one and had it blown up myself! It looks great and no one knows the difference..except I just told on myself!
    -e (

  2. I love this image too Sal and it does make a great feature in this dining room. Keep hunting for one I say! Abbey x

  3. Hi Sally,

    Is this your dinning room? OMG! I love it! I love the photo too! Seeing sands and the beach makes you feel like your eating on the beach side, that goes well with the sun coming in the dinning room too! Very nice! What impress me so much here is that the long table, I love it! You've got a classy dinning table there, did you cover it with a table pad? I suggest you do so, just to protect it from scratches and preserving the colors. Love the bronze color of the table that goes well with the chair. Excellent!

  4. superb dining room arts. Really, I like it. Thanks a lot for sharing this post here and aware all of us from it. Nice post. conference table pads



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