Monday, June 6, 2011

Before & After - Gorgeous Apartment Kitchen renovation!

A freind of mine who lives in Melbourne was kind enough to let me share the renovation she & her hubby recently did of their apartment kitchen! How totally gorgeous is it!



A chadelier in the kitchen!?
Woman you are my kind of renovator!

Digging that champagne cork artwork too!

LOVE the marble top & the ceramic sink!
Oh & the pannelled cabinets & butchers tiles!

and this wallpaper is really the icing on the cake!


  1. I love this Sal, the chandelier is the perfect touch! Love the art too xx

  2. Shazamm!!!

    This is one of the most speccy renovations I've seen - a definite drab to fab - I hope you're going to tell us that at least one member of this clever partnership is a designer, because if they're not they definitely should be!

    Again - WOW!!!!

    Felicity x

  3. Oh my god that looks GORGEOUS!!!
    I love the use of plain, white, glossy tiles as the splash back.
    It's classic, yet modern.
    THE perfect kitchen.

  4. Oh you are all too kind! Thanks for posting Sal! I look at it in context and go, 'wow, did I do that?' Ange x

  5. What a transformation!! Love it!! My husband and I did our own kitchen renovation and we love it. it is the most visited room in any house and even though it took us a few months... The results are amazing!! Check out Before and After pics on Boddrick's Roost



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