Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Detox - update

Its been one week since i made my delcaration of 'detoxing'! I have survived the week with no wine (or any other alcohol) and have got beack into the hot yoga! 2 classes this week - has been really good! And trying a vinyasa flow hot class rather than my ususal Bikram which is a nice change (& a bloody hard workout too!) I have had these divine images of Alessandra Ambrosio (victorias secret model) from French 'Elle' magazine in my inspiration file for a while - really does encourgae you to get to your yoga studio doesnt it!?

Tonight im off to see a natropath reccomended by a friend. For years ive been feeling...well...tired! I rarely wake up refreshed & constantly feel a bit 'dull'.....you know a tad on the 'plump' side & just not 100%? Hope she'll be able to shed some light on it all. Im diabetic (type one) so my blood sugars do have alot to do with it, but thought couldnt hurt to try something new! If nothing else it will be intersting as i have never seen a natropath before - have any of you guys? How have you found it? Worthwhile?


  1. Well worth doing and it will be interesting to hear what he/she says! I am happy to give anytihng a go if it helps and maintinas health! good luck! KG ...also well done on no wine!

  2. I am very interested in hearing how your appointment turns out. I have not been myself but have been curious as my energy levels suffer. Good luck to you and congratulations for taking control of your health!

  3. Wait until you get to my age...you'll be lucky to get out of bed all together ;-) Hope she can help. x

  4. Would love to know how it goes at the naturopath. I'm a bit curious about seeing one myself!

  5. I am glad you are finally giving it a go Sal. Let us know what the out come is. They are amazing and I bet it is going to be very simple changes that make a massive difference.

  6. I've made the trip to the naturopath a few times and for me it has made all the difference - unfortunately I get a bit slack from time to time and fall into bad habits again. I hope your visit has you feeling on top of the world again :o)



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