Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Run to spotlight!

Was in Spotlight on the weekend & found some serious goodies!

These pillows for starters!!
$34.95 & they are 30% off

This range of metal drinks trays & buckets - great for those bbq's!
All about $15-$25

These seriously cute plates!!
The range also had jugs, cake plates & cake servers!

And this also seriously cute tea set!
also comes with plates.
great for when you have japanese at home!

AND....ive saved the best for last!!!
These amazing striped outdoor rugs! (they are woven plastic!)
220 x 220cm & come in white/orange, white/cream & white/black AND only $150!!!!

Im seriously thinking i need the back & white one for my balcony!
Although the oj & white one is pretty cool too huh!


  1. I love the metal tray and ice buckets, I think I might have to take a drive to Belrose :)
    Thanks for the tip Sal,

  2. Spotlight have lifted their game! Love the cushions and the outdoor rugs. That orange and white would be perfect for summer :)

  3. Oh yes..was there over the weekend too..and spotted those cushions..but missed those metal trays...LOVE the orange one...I have to make another trip over there...goodies!!
    Honey...Im going to give you some feedback and I hope you dont mind or think Im a pain ( yaiks)..but I struggle to read your posts because the colour of the font blends in to much with the background..there I said it...Im so sorry!! XOXOXOX

  4. Very cute...I love when you don't expect to see some things and then, there they are.

  5. I love spotlight, sometimes I am so glad that we don't have one in town, times like now when I am desperately trying to save money and not spend it on unnecessary items... mind you I do need a new drinks tray and an outdoor rug would look perfect on the new patio ; )



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