Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feeling Frazzled!

Im feeling a bit frazzled.
Work is flat out & i seem to have things on every night of the week!
 im feeling totally...well... frazzled!
Excuse me for a few days while i re-charge.
Hoping i come back feeling nice & calm like these spaces!

Table Tonic

Image: Ada & Darcy

The sunroom at the ivy via honey & fizz


  1. Oh you poor thing..I know what that feels like! Rest up and recharge your batteries...Im virtually sending you a huge block of chocolate to get you started and put a smile on your dial :) x

  2. I can totally understand how life can get away from you sometimes! I hope you get a chance to rest up and come back refreshed! xx

  3. Hey take your time, we will all be here when you get back.
    I had that last week. Great refreshing images.



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