Thursday, August 5, 2010

Love a good entry space!

I seriously LOVE a good entry space!
Here are some shining examples ive been collecting!

Jonothan Adler
Seriously does this guy ever do anything that looks crap?!
(& p.s i have to have that chair!)

Looove this one! A bit ecclectic!

Lonny - so simple - the wall & that mirror = to die for!

More Lonny gold - a great bench seat & an artwork, simple as that!

Nice modern county look
(& you can get the Heath Nash "its beautiful here" wire coat hook at Complete Pad)

A nook is such a great feature to have near your entry....
(love a bit of zebra action too!)

This samantha pynn design entry is prob one of the best nooks around! Id kill for this space....seriously.

Entry table essentials - lamps, books, art or photos.

Image: Secrets of domestic bliss!
Now this is one blinging entry display!


  1. LOVE the second one too!!! Has given me some real inspiration for our entry hall table. Hope you have a great day x

  2. The top one and of course Sam Pynn are my faves! KG

  3. The first and last for me.
    They are at extreme ends of the scale but both exude 'welcome'.
    x Felicity
    PS Can't believe you have that chair, well actually I can but am just a 'little' jealous.

  4. Felicity dont worry! you miss read! I dont havw the chair but its right at the top of my wishlist! Fav colour & gorgeous style! ticks all the boxes!

  5. They're all gorgeous Sal. If only my entry was a bit bigger, I'd have a lot more going on. As it is, I have a new painting earmarked for the wall and I'm looking for a narrow shelf of some sort too, so thanks for the inspiration! K xx

  6. The Samantha Pym nook is fabulous! I would love a decent entry way but alas in our house you walk right into our lounge room! xx

  7. i love this!!! modern with a vintage twist is my fave home decor
    xoxo. MissZuri....

    Self proclaimed fashion chameleon who refuses to let mommyhood take away her style!!! Comment&FoLLow

    ****Just did an amazing post featuring Christine Centenera's haute style!! ; )****

  8. May I know how the artist of the "paint" of the last picture!? It's amazing!



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